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    a leading manufacturer of thick film pastes and supplier of specialty materials to the microelectronic industry

KOARTAN Microelectronic Interconnect Materials manufactures environmentally friendly thick film pastes and supplies a variety of specialty powders and nanopowders for scientific and manufacturing purposes. Our pastes for the microelectronic industry include silver, gold, and copper conductors, resistors, NTC and PTC thermistors, multilayer, cross-over, and capacitor dielectrics, sealing glasses,
BeO and aluminum-nitride compatible pastes, thin-print, etchable, and nickel platable conductors. We offer an extensive range of Pb-free and RoHS compliant materials. Our pastes are used in a variety of applications ranging from automotive to wireless communications, data processing, component manufacturing, industrial, and consumer electronics.
Besides our extensive line of standard off-the-shelf products, we have developed hundreds of custom formulations for specific customer applications. We have signed confidentiality agreements with many large and small companies to safeguard any proprietary information that is needed for us to successfully complete their projects. Please contact us with your special requirements and let us help you with your projects, too.